Hello Worcester

18 05 2011

I can’t exactly say ‘hello’ to the city now can I, but some sort of continuity is needed here since the last post…  I’ve been living in Worcester, Massachusetts for over two years now wanting to share my experiences at times but always feeling that I first needed to write something that would seamlessly bridge the gap between my life in Sinai’s deserts and New England’s woodlands. The difference between the two topographies being as radical as the transition itself, it’s not surprising that that post never came about. Instead of digging deep and trying,  I let the words written here fade into the outer frays of this web we all spend too much time on.

Racially different topographies

I’ve thought more than once that this blog should have had a different name, one that limited it to my Sinai musings. It would have been easier to let it stand on it’s own, pick it up next time i’m back there and so on.  I’ve also thought of shutting it down completely but the search engine redirects that are now the only source of traffic here may still be of use to some. Mountains Desert Blur – Push Yourself – Kelvin Fox Camp Egypt – What are those things that look like moving stars going across the night sky – villa for sale in la hacienda ras sudr – Low Barren Mountains in a Desert – Guy singing in the tribunal metro of madrid –  Wadi Arbaeen – Joshua Lohnes… 

Wait, who’s searching that last one?? Tops the list at 24 hits this year. Being “creeped on” isn’t the big deal, it’s more that the landing page isn’t really a full picture. I’m far from frozen in that last melancholic post of December 2008.  Had I kept writing I suspect some may have landed here with the following searches too:  Worcester Immigration,  should I jump off a cliff for the love of my life?,  winter garden mache, geography grad school rejection, Best Wedding Ever, 5000 gallon rain barrel, two-toned blue, fix refugee resettlement,  gender and parenthood,  purgatory ring, Bhutanese market, cleaning your baby after explosive poop, non-profits vs. the state, Azores Anniversary, Jewel’s pickles. I wish this list were real.

I like Worcester a lot, Jenna and I like Worcester a lot. It’s the first place I’ve lived where I could see myself (us) settling down and building lasting community. In August we’ll be living in West Virginia though, starting all over again… Another étape on life’s Camino is upon me, and… oh yeah that’s why I started this blog in the first place. Coming off of  that long walk 4 summers ago I wanted to  make it a point to continue reflecting on the steps I’d be taking ahead. Fail! Worcester has been a very big  step, and I feel I owe it to myself to process it by writing some here. So, now that pseudo-transition post I’ve been putting off for so long is finally written. Hopefully these next two months of writing can do the last two years’ of living justice.




4 responses

24 05 2011

Great transition post. I’m one of the 24 hits! D.

26 05 2011

Josh, I look forward to you and your family moving closer to Will and I! I’m hit #25 🙂

27 05 2011
Deborah Kay

worcester, in memoriam.
love your list. it breathes life into yesterdays :: can’t wait to follow your next two months of retrospect 🙂

1 12 2011
Mathieu D

Hey! Seven months have gone by since this post. It’s now time for you to write a transition post from Worcester to West Virginia

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